prochemica waylon
prochemica waylon
Waylon® is a systemic insecticide that is applied to the soil and contains two active ingredients with different modes of…


Solution for Tuta Absoluta Control
prochemica wormox
prochemica wormox
Wormox® is Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki EG 2348 24000 UI/mg an aqueous suspension formulation was specifically created through trans conjugation to…


Biopesticide for Control of Tuta Absoluta and Lobesia Botrana
prochemica essencial
essen'ciel logo
Essen’ciel® is fast-acting, broadspectrum contact pesticide with no risk of resistance build up with has been proven as an effective…


Biopesticide - Insecticide, Fungicide and Acaricide
pheniksus prochemica
prochemica pheniksus
A new selective unique combination of two actives features of insecticide and miticide that provides quick knockdown and residual on…


A new selective Acaricide & Insecticide