prochemica maiten
prochemica maiten
Maiten® is a combination of vegetable oils, fatty acids and other extracts. The mode action of Maiten is as suffocating…


BioAcaricide for Vegetables
prochemica nofly
prochemica nofly
Biological insecticide formulated with spores of Paecilomyces fumosoroseus strain FE9901. New tool for controlling pest in horticultural crops compatible with…


Biopesticide to Control Thrips,White Flies and Aphids
prochemica cmc plus
prochemica cmc plus
CMC Plus® has a rapid knockdown power and a high efficacy against all stages of insect development. CMC Plus® has…

CMC Plus®

Rapid Knockdown Power to Control Pear Psylla
prochemica waylon
prochemica waylon
Waylon® is a systemic insecticide that is applied to the soil and contains two active ingredients with different modes of…


Solution for Tuta Absoluta Control
prochemica wormox
prochemica wormox
Wormox® is Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki EG 2348 24000 UI/mg an aqueous suspension formulation was specifically created through trans conjugation to…


Biopesticide for Control of Tuta Absoluta and Lobesia Botrana
prochemica essencial
essen'ciel logo
Essen’ciel® is fast-acting, broadspectrum contact pesticide with no risk of resistance build up with has been proven as an effective…


Biopesticide - Insecticide, Fungicide and Acaricide
pheniksus prochemica
prochemica pheniksus
A new selective unique combination of two actives features of insecticide and miticide that provides quick knockdown and residual on…


A new selective Acaricide & Insecticide