CMC Plus®

Rapid Knockdown Power to Control Pear Psylla

CMC Plus® has a rapid knockdown power and a high efficacy against all stages of insect development.

CMC Plus® has a phisic mechanism of action: acts for contact, cleans the vegetation from honeydew ed cause the death of insect for disgregation in the soft body insects and for occlusion of spiracoles in other insects.

prochemica cmc plus
prochemica cmc plus

Feautures & Benefits of

CMC Plus®

  • CMC Plus® solubilizes organic substances such as fats and sugars showing a cleaning action on all forms of fouls and contamination of plants caused by honeydew.
  • It prevents and eliminates the development of the sooty mold. CMC Plus® dries and removes honeydew (produced by Psilla, Aphids, Scales etc.) from leaves and fruits.
  • Disruptive Action: It acts on the waxes covering the insects broking the links between them and the fatty substances of the exoskeleton and phospholipids of the cuticule, bringing to a fast death for dehydratation the insect.
  • Asphyxiating action: after the distribution it covers uniformly the body of insects, quickly blocking tracheal spiracles, prevents breathing causing death by asphyxiation. It penetrates especially in the less sclerified areas of the body.
  • Biological activity: once dried, the product no longer has biological activity and is rapidly degraded, which allows it to operate even with the launch of useful insects. The latter and the pollinators are not damaged if not directly hit.
  • The CMC Plus® is more effective in the greenhouse and / or when it dries slowly, in fact it is recommended to treat with dry vegetation.
prochemica cmc plus

Registered Crops, Pests & Rate of Uses

CropsPestsRate of Use
ApplePanonychus ulmi, Tetranychus viennensis, Tetranychus urticae0.2-0.4Lt/Hl
EggplantSpodoptera littoralis
GrapeLobesia botrana
LettuceMyzus persicae, Spodoptera littoralis
PearCacopsylla pyri
PepperBemisia tabaci, Myzus persicae
PumpkinBemisia tabaci
SoybeanBemisia tabaci, Helicoverpa armigera, Spodoptera littoralis
StrawberrySpodoptera littoralis
SugarbeetSpodoptera littoralis
SunflowerHelicoverpa armigera
TobaccoHelicoverpa armigera, Myzus persicae
TomatoBemisia tabaci, Helicoverpa armigera, Spodoptera littoralis, Trialeurodes vaporariorum
WatermelonAphis gossypii, Myzus persicae