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Optimising the effectiveness of crop protection inputs not only makes economic sense for the grower, it’s also becoming increasingly important for resistance management.

The adjuvant Kantor is specifically designed to optimise every step of the spray delivery process, from buffering, compatibility and placement, to penetration into the leaf, leading to higher efficacy, yields and profitability.

The addition of Kantor to fungicide, herbicide and / or PGR applications will optimise the delivery of active ingredient(s) to their site of action, improving both efficacy and yield.pH Buffering Compatibility Anti-drift Retention Retention Penetrating

prochamica katalyst
prochamica katalyst

Feautures & Benefits of


  • Prevents pesticide breakdown in the spray tank with high pH water 6 ideal for most pesticides.
  • Improves coverage on the plant.
  • Improves uptake into the plant.
  • Increases the availability of crop protection active ingredients for uptake into the leaf at high pH.
  • Increases the area of the leaf covered with the herbicide protects the whole leaf from disease.
  • Faster uptake into the leaf, the faster weed/disease/plant growth regulation takes place.
prochamica katalyst

Registered Crops, Pests & Rate of Uses

CropsRate of Use
Apricot, Alfalfa, Almond, Apples, Apricot, Artichoke, Banana, Barley, Bean, Broccoli, Canola, Cherry, Chestnut, Chickpea, Citrus, Cucumber, Eggplant, Garlic, Grape, Hazelnut, Kiwi, Lentil, Lettuce, Maize, Melon, Nectarine, Onion, Ornamentals, Parsley, Pea, Peach, Peanut, Pear, Pepper, Pistachio, Plum, Potato, Pumpkin, Quince, Rice, Rye, Soybean, Squash, Strawberry, Sugarbeet, Tobacco, Tomato, Turf, Walnut, Watermelon, Wheat, Zucchini150ml/Ha