Mevalone CS®

Mevalone is a Unique Biofungicide Based on Natural Plant Chemistry

Mevalone CS® is a contact fungicide, with preventive and curative action, to combat Botrytis in grapes and vegetables. Mevalone CS® is a mixture of three active ingredients in the form of a microcapsule suspension (CS). The active ingredients (eugenol 3.2%, geraniol 6.4% and thymol 6.4%) belong to the group of terpenes which are organic compounds derived from the fusion of isoprene units (isoprene polymers) and exhibit strong fungicidal activity.

Contact fungicide with preventive and therapeutic action to combat Botrytis spp. in the grapes and vegetables.

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Feautures & Benefits of

Mevalone CS®

  • Mevalone® is a preventative and curative solution for Botrytis spp.
  • Mevalone® is a foliar, contact biofungicide, which delivers a controlled release pattern of multiple terpene active ingredients.
  • The primary mode of action is to disrupt fungal cell membranes and cause loss of membrane integrity, leading to cell collapse.
  • The antifungal activity of a combination of three plant terpene active ingredients is harnessed by Eden’s patented microencapsulation technology, Sustaine™.
  • Sustaine™ encapsulates the terpenes in Mevalone and enables controlled release upon dilution of the formulation in water.
  • The capsule is not eroded during the release process; terpenes exit via pores, which open upon hydration.
  • The pores close again when the capsule experiences osmotic stress/dehydration.
  • As a result, the terpene active ingredients remain at the leaf surface to prolong their antifungal activity across multiple rehydration/rain events.
  • Release of actives during wetting events coincides with high risk periods for Botrytis infection.
  • Sustaine is a major development in the formulation of phased release products, whilst avoiding any intentional plastic pollution in agriculture.
  • Multiple efficacy trials from Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the South of France compared Mevalone® to conventional chemistries in up to 18 different grape varieties.
  • Application of Mevalone® results in comparable control of disease incidence to market leading conventional products and has the added benefit of increased flexibility in application due to its lack of residues.
  • Primarily used on vegetables.
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Registered Crops, Pests & Rate of Uses

CropsPestsRate of Use
EggplantBotrytis cinerea150-400ml/Hl