Nemafert L®

Nematod Control with New Biopesticide

Nemafert L® is most of all a nematostatic product, kill many species of nematodes really well and other a little less, then a combined strategy built up on the life cycle of the nematodes is the result to achieve.In heavy infested soils (nematodes) do not wait the symptoms appear because of gals blocking root apparatus.

In cases of soils with tough soilborne diseases, aplly nutripol every 10-14 days and a soil corrective and an enhancer of the natural plant defenses. Nemafert L® is studied for the biological control of nematodes.

prochemica nemafert l
prochemica nemafert l

Feautures & Benefits of

Nemafert L®

  • Demonstrated nematostatic and nematicide efficacy.
  • Ideal for conventional and organic agriculture.
  • No pre-harvest time.
  • Safe for man and environment.
  • Stimulate the radical growth, bringing to a perfect development of cultures even in presence of nematodes.
  • Nemafert L® has a double mode of action:
  • Direct: prevevents egg hatching and stops the population of larvae.
  • Indirect: stimulate the development of radical apparatus and eliminates radical exudates, attractive for nematodes.
  • The product shows his activity in soil, where it create an hostile radical environment for the nematode.
  • At low dose it is nematostatic, while with higher doses the effect is nematicide.
  • Nemafert L® can be used on all cultures, as in full field as in greenhouse.
prochemica nemafert l

Registered Crops, Pests & Rate of Uses

CropsPestsRate of Use
PepperMeloidogyne spp.18-25Lt/Ha drip irrigation every 10-14 day interval