Biopesticide to Control Thrips,White Flies and Aphids

Biological insecticide formulated with spores of Paecilomyces fumosoroseus strain FE9901. New tool for controlling pest in horticultural crops compatible with natural enemies in IPM. Its registered, EU Annex 1 inclusion since May 2013 and OMRI listed since 2012.

Unique mode of infection, to reach the hemocele of the through cuticle openning. Death of the individual result from a combination of several factors. Damage caused by the development of hyphae which in the tissues and start segregating specific enzymes with protechitinolytic, lipolytic activity, depletion of the nutrients, toxicosis.

prochemica nofly
prochemica nofly

Feautures & Benefits of


  • Nofly WP is a contact insecticide, the product must touch to the insect.
  • Nofly® is a perfect tool for being included in Integrated Pest Management Programs (IPM).
  • Nofly® is safe for Beneficials and Non-Target Organisms.
  • Nofly® reduces population of insect pest for improved action of beneficial organisms.
  • Applications at the beginning of infestation more effective. In case of severe infestation, the use of a compatible chemical pesticide at the begining enhances the control.
  • Nofly® is compatible with a number of chemical and biological i nsecticides.
  • Nofly® is tank mixed compatible with fungicides and fertilizers.
  • Innundative treatments directed to both sides of the leaves.
  • Visible effects on the pest before death, loss of coordination and loss of movement, stop feeding and color change to red/pink (sometimes).
  • Efficacy of Nofly® is at least the same as the standard chemicals.
  • Stability of Nofly® formulation simplifies field management.
  • Nofly® has a complex Mode of Action to avoid resistances.
  • Nofly® is compatible with other Insecticides and Fungicides.
  • No Residues, no PHI and short Re-entry for workers.
prochemica nofly

Registered Crops, Pests & Rate of Uses

CropsPestsRate of Use
BeansAphis fabae200ml/Hl
CitrusAonidiella aurantia, Aonidiella citrina, Aphis gossypii, Dialeurodes citri
CottonEmpoasca decipiens, Aphis gossypii, Bemisia tabaci
EggplantBemisia tabaci, Thrips tabaci
GrapePlanococcus citri
LeekThrips tabaci
LettuceAphis gossypii, Frankliniella occidentalis, Myzus persicae
OnionThrips tabaci
OrnamentalsBemisia tabaci, Frankliniella occidentalis
PeachMyzus persicae, Pseudaulacaspis pentagona
PearCacopsylla pyri
PepperBemisia tabaci, Myzus persicae, Trialeurodes vaporariorum
PistachioAgonoscena pistaciae
PotatoLeptinotarsa decemlineata
PumpkinBemisia tabaci
SoybeanBemisia tabaci
TobaccoMyzus persicae, Thrips tabaci, Bemisia tabaci
TomatoMacrosiphum euphorbiae, Myzus persicae, Trialeurodes vaporariorum