Plastoff L®

Latest Generation of Natural Biopesticide

Plastoff L® shows good bactericidal activity and excellent fungicidal activity with direct action against the organs of reproduction and diffusion of the same. This mechanism of action directed exclusively against target pathogens, allows product is safe and harmless product for humans, the environment and useful insects and has a high efficacy against numerous and important diseases on different crops.

The high activity is due to a good preventive action, a remarkable curative action and an excellent eradicating action. Formulation and packaging of the product take place using the technology and experience of Chemia Spain the plant in Dosso (FE), Italy. Plastoff L® is characterized by a broad spectrum of action, high versatility of use and a multi-site action mechanisms of action. Plastoff L® is the first and for now, the only systemic product based on natural plant extracts to perform a preventive, curative and eradicating action against pathogens.

prochemica plastoff l
prochemica plastoff l

Feautures & Benefits of

Plastoff L®

  • Plastoff L® is a product totally from natural raw materials and suitable for organic and conventional farming.
  • Plastoff L® can be mixed with normal fungicides and insecticides, the important thing is to keep an acid pH of the formulation.
  • Plastoff L® has a multi-situ activity then doesn’t grow resistance.
  • Plastoff L® has no pre harvest interval.
  • Plastoff L® has a broad range of action.
  • Plastoff L® can work in preventive, curative and eradicant way.
  • Plastoff L® is systemic product.
prochemica plastoff l

Registered Crops, Pests & Rate of Uses

CropsPestsRate of Use
CucumberPseudoperonospora cubensis400-600ml/Hl
GrapePlasmopara viticola400-600ml/Hl
OrnamentalsPeronospora sparsa400-600ml/Hl
PepperPseudoperonospora cubensis400-600ml/Hl
PotatoPhytophthora infestans400-600ml/Ha
TomatoPhytophthora infestans400-600ml/Hl
WatermelonPhytophthora capsici, Pseudoperonospora cubensis400-600ml/Ha