Biological Soil Fungicide

Tusal® is a Bio-Fungicide, Trichoderma asperellum (cepa T25) 0,5% (1x10E8CFU/G)+Trichoderma atroviride (cepa t25) 0,5%(1x10E CFU/G) gives solution in order to control Damping-off & various other diseases giving a full control preventive and curative features with zero residues in straight or in combination with other pesticides helping resistance & IPM.

Tusal® is the first Trichoderma-based product registered in Spain and its active ingredient, unlike other products in the market, has been included in Annex I of the EU Plant Protection Directive. With a WG formulation, contains a combination of strains chosen from more than 100 native strains, based on their growth and adaptive capabilities, antagonistic activity vs pathogens, positive interaction with plants and disease control capabilities. The combination of species in Tusal® has a synergistic action, which provides product efficacy.

prochemica tusal
prochemica tusal

Feautures & Benefits of


  • Bio Fungicide control equal or comparable to pesticides.
  • Excellent for damping off and Botrytis spp. disease control.
  • Green concept safety to people and environment. (no PHI, no residues, no limits of export of treated produce, no pre-entry period for farmers).
  • Used alone or in alternation with chemicals allows reduction of the chemical inputs and a better management of resistance.
  • Growth stimulation of roots, plants and yield as a result.
  • Supports the decomposition of the organic substance. substances and the mineralization process in soil reduction of the phenomenon of ‘tired soils”.®
  • The combination of species in Tusal has a synergistic action, which provides product efficacy.®
  • Tusal induces the production of phytohormones and systemic resistance, activating plant defence mechanisms.
prochemica tusal

Registered Crops, Pests & Rate of Uses

CropsPestsRate of Use
TomatoPythium spp., Rhizoctonia spp., Fusarium spp., Verticillium spp., Phytophthora spp., Verticillium spp., Macrophomina phaseolina0.1Kg/Ha at transplnating and after 2-3 applications at 0.5Kg/Ha