Common barnyardgrass (Echinochloa crus-galli) is a serious weed of lowland rice

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Barnyard grass, such as Echinochloa crus-galli var. mitis, Echinochloa crus-galli var. zelayensis and Echinochloa colonum, are the main troublesome weeds in rice (Oryza sativa) paddies. This study aimed to investigate the rice yield (quality and quantity) when grown with these common barnyard grass varieties

Echinochloa is a very widespread genus of plants in the grass family and tribe Paniceae Some of the species are known by the common names barnyard grass or cockspur grass.

The species of Echinochloa (barnyardgrass) stand out among major weeds infesting rice cropping and damages are variable depending on the weed population, rice cultivar, and management practices adopted by rice farmers. The objective of this work was to measure the control of barnyardgrass in rice cropping,

When not grown on purpose, these grasses may become a nuisance to farmers.

Studies show that a single barnyard grass per square foot can reduce rice yields by about 25%, and 25 barnyard grasses per square meter can cause about 50% yield loss. The mature plant grows higher than rice, so that it competes for sunlight, besides soil nutrients. It is also an alternate host for tungro and rice yellow dwarf viruses.

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